The Book Of Your Life – Interview with a Reader no.1

ThE book of your life

It’s almost Friday!

I am so excited that this week I have a chance to introduce you to new series of interviews with the readers from all around the world. It is a perfect opportunity to meet all the beautiful souls who state themselves as Book Lovers. Hopefully, you will found it useful and if you are not reading at the minute it will change your mind.

This is about the right time to go and get yourself a cup of coffee as our travel around the world begins.

Tell me a bit about yourself. What is your passion and motivation in life?

My name is Marya, an Indonesian who tries to enjoy life with the weakness of her passport. I love traveling, and I usually go traveling at least once in a year to a place that I’ve never been before. After quitting my 9-to-6 job, I’m currently working remotely as a freelance copywriter for an e-commerce brand. In addition, I also work remotely as a personal social media strategist for an Indonesian public figure. My short-term goal is to travel all ASEAN country members before I hit the age of 30.

When did you start reading and why do you like to read? 

I started reading when I was in kindergarten. I remember that I was one of the first kids who could read in my class. Once I could read, I always tried to read any book that I could read a magazine to even a random book. I even bought a book for the 2nd grade when I didn’t even finish kindergarten. I’m not sure why I started to like reading, as most people in my life assumed that I’m pretty much like my grandma, who’s also an avid reader. I think as for now, I like to read since I mainly write for a living. And the more I read, the more I’ll be able to write well.

What is the book of your life and how did it change you as a person?

I think it was the book that I read when I was in junior high school. It’s the book called Looking for Alibrandi, written by an Australian writer Melina Marchetta. It’s the book that I would totally recommend to anyone getting through adolescence or some confusion in life.

What is your favourite author? do you prefer any particular genre?

I don’t really have any particular genre, because I try to read all the books that attract me to decide whether I like the book or I don’t. I wouldn’t say J.K. Rowling or C.S. Lewis as my favourite author as there are already millions of people out there who would tell you so. Although yes, I owe my childhood to both of them because of thanks to Harry Potter and Narnia.

Apart from them, being Indonesian as I am, my favourite local author would be Pramoedya Ananta Toer. For the international one, a few years ago I got awed by a book written by Swedish author Jonas Jonasson, The 100-Year-Old Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.

After I finished the book, I definitely hunted more of his pieces and I love every single of them. Pramoedya Ananta Toer and Jonas Jonasson have a different style of story-telling as an author. While Pramoedya writes mostly Romance, Jonas Jonasson is definitely an expert in satire so I have to say, I’ve got various kinds of taste when it comes to book.

 What is your favourite book quote?

“Living is the challenge. Not dying. Dying is easy. Sometimes it only takes ten seconds to die. But living? That can take you eighty years and you do something in that time.” -Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta.

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Review ‘The Beauty Of The End’ by Debbie Howells

Happy Sunday,

Sun is up and I hope that you are enjoying your afternoon.
Today, I want to share with you my thoughts on ‘The beauty of the end’ by Debbie Howells. I finished it over a week ago and needed some time to gather all the things together. Firstly, If you are looking for a violent and fast-paced thriller this book might not be your cup of tea. This is more psychological thriller what concentrates on developing the characters and trying to uncover why they ended up in a current situation.
Noah – is an ex-lawyer currently living in the countryside. He is trying to hide from his past and become a successful writer. Noah is really struggling as he can’t forget – April. She is his goddess, the love of his life. She left him years ago. Noah is drinking and he is drying a lot. It feels like he can’t find any motivation or aim in his life. One day his phone rings and this is the moment when his all-world will get shaken again. He founds out that April is the hospital. She is unconscious and more she is suspected of murder. Does he still care about April? And is he not going to get into the trap? Noah is sure that he let her go once and now this is the time to go and help her. He doesn’t believe a minute that April could kill, but can you expect someone to be the same over the years?
I really enjoyed reading this book as it gave me a full understanding of the storyline and the characters. I even had a feeling that I know them in real life. This book has so much to tell you and so many secrets to uncover that it is really hard to put it away.
I would strongly recommend this book to everyone passionate about psychological thriller genre and the lovers of heartbreaking stories that you will not be able to forget for a really long time.

Final verdict: 4.5/5

P.S. Let me know how do you feel about this book? Would you recommend it?

Time for a cup of coffee, so I am off.

Talk to you soon,


JP Delaney ‘The Girl Before’ – recommendation


Hi Dear,

This weekend went really quiet and cozy while sipping my coffee in the garden. Finally, the spring came to London and I had a chance to enjoy reading outside. Yesterday, I finished ‘The Girl Before’ by JP Delaney. I have to admit that I can not remember myself feeling so paranoid, disturbed and uncomfortable because of the book. This is a great thriller full of secrets, suspense, and terror.
Jane – is the current tenant in One Folgate street. Please bear in mind that this house is not a casual property that Londoners are used to rent. This house is a dictator. Rules, rules, and rules everywhere. You can’t have any photos, any pillows, nothing can be on the floor. Also, this house is hi-tech but the price is really attractive comparing to the market in London. Jane is trying to go through her personal life drama and this place appears as a perfect solution to escape from her past. Jane, please get out of there, but she doesn’t listen.
Emma – is the previous tenant. Yes, she is The Girl before. Emma died here and Jane will find out. The past and the present will twist very well. Jane is keen to find out why Emma died and this attractive but insane and over-dominating architect of One Folgate street appears as a fatal figure in both of their lives. Did you ever think about the possibility of being watched while changing your clothes or having a shower? Imagine, your house being able to monitor your weight, mood, and mental health. Does it sound crazy? So, is this book. A great psychological thriller that will not allow you to trust anyone.
P.S. did you ever made love in a public? Jane did.

Final verdict: 4.1/5

Truly yours,


‘Gallery Of The Dead’ By Chris Carter – Review


“What’s done cannot be undone.”
― William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Dear Reader,

Hopefully, you are enjoying your afternoon and have a spare minute for my review. Recently, I finished reading ‘Gallery of the dead’ by Chris Carter and can’t stop myself from recommending it to everyone around me. I think that I told about this book to most of my work colleagues no matter if they are book lovers. I must highlight that Chris Carter is an outstanding author and his talent to write a thriller novel is incredible. I have to admit that this book made me shiver and I can’t even count how many times I ran downstairs just to check if my doors were closed and locked. ‘Gallery of the dead’ is not just another thriller and is clear enough that Chris Carter has something to do with crime and case studies. The story starts when two Detectives Hunter and Garcia arrive at the first crime scene. After all the years of working in Ultra Violent Crimes Unit, Detective Hunter admits that this crime scene is the most horrifying that he has ever seen. Please bear in mind, this is only the beginning as in this novel we will be dealing with extremely cruel serial killer. This killer is not just a silly psycho, he is ‘brilliant’ at his job and does everything with precision. He is full of surprises, hard to catch and every single one of his victims belongs to a different group of race, age, look or gender. In my opinion, all the characters have been described and written perfectly as it made me feel that they have very own and strong personalities. I must admit, that I absolutely enjoyed this book and even tried to stop myself from reading as I didn’t want to finish my journey with Detective Hunter. Until the very end I wasn’t sure if we are going to catch this horrible human being and who is he at all. Why is this story called ‘Gallery of the dead’? Because the psychopath serial killer is not enjoying the fact of murder but he is passionate about the way of doing it in an artistic way.

Did you lock your doors? I heard that the killer is somewhere on the way.
‘Gallery of the dead’ is worth every second of your time. Strongly recommend to all the crime and thriller fans. If I would have to describe this book in only three words it would be – Addictive, shocking, breathtaking.
Final verdict: 4.6/5

P.S. Let me know what is your favourite thriller and author.

Best regards,


‘The Couple Next Door’ By Shari Lapena – review



‘By that sin fell the angels’ (W.Shakespeare)

Hi Reader,

This warm but rainy Sunday evening, I want to share with you my thoughts about ‘The Couple Next Door’ by Shari Lapena. First of all, I would like to give a round of applause to the author for this really good piece of work. This novel is about a young couple Anne and Marco and their little baby girl Cora. The couple is a little bit tired of their daily routine and decides to join the party next door while leaving their daughter at home. As the dinner party takes place only next door the couple believes that nothing bad could happen and they will check on Cora every half an hour. Unfortunately, after a few hours, the baby is gone…Cora is no longer in her crib. That was the moment when I felt really angry and disappointed and I wanted to shout out loud: I told you not to do it! But it was too late. The police get involved and they can’t find any signs of Cora. Anne reacts as typical mother and starts blaming herself. It appears that one of the family members has something to do with this kidnapping. We are aware that Anne belongs to rich family and money will be the purpose of this cruel situation. The craziest thoughts come to my head and I am trying to suspect every single member of this family and even the neighbors. Is it Marco? Anne? Hold on, it might be her father. And the main and the most important question, where is Cora?
I really enjoyed reading this book and as a massive lover of thriller, I have to admit that it was a one sitting read. I had no time to get away as had to find what is going on in here. The descriptions of characters have been made very accurate and clear. It made me feel disappointment as well as sympathy for some of them. Honestly, I couldn’t wait for the sinners to be punished.
Strongly recommend, for anyone who loves crime and thriller stories. This is a perfect read for one evening with interesting storyline without any hard thinking. Just dive in!

Final verdict: 4/5

P.S. Let me know how do you feel about this book?




‘The witchfinder’s sister’ By Beth Underwood – review

IMG_0476 (1)

Hi Dear,

Hope your week went quick and you all set up for your cozy weekend.

‘The witchfinder’s sister’ by Beth Underwood is the first book that I managed to read this year. Normally, I am a quick reader but it didn’t work this time as it took me some time to get involved and familiarized with the characters. Honestly, I had to put it away for a couple of days and only then I was able to get back to it. The story is about Matthew Hopkins who was involved in the witch hunting and sent over one hundred of suspected witches to death. The whole storyline starts with his sister Alice who is coming home after the death of her husband. She doesn’t know that her brother is not the same person and what she will have to face. The whole story of this family is surrounded by secrets and mysterious incidents. The more I read the more horrified I felt. In addition, I believe that the author did a brilliant job as the storyline remains unexpected and all the descriptions are very detailed and conceiving. The book took me back to 1645 and I was able to feel the spirit of the time and the last hundred of pages was an absolute pleasure to read so I could not stop myself from reading.

Strongly recommend this book for anyone who loves mystery and shivers. I always found myself interested in witches themes, so this book was something that I was looking for a very long time.

P.S. The map in the front of the book was a fantastic idea! I was travelling together with the characters all the way.

My final verdict: 3.7/5

Best wishes,


The 1st Chapter of my Life as a Blogger


Dear Reader,

Today is the day when I am starting my very first blog. I am so excited that finally, I found myself in place where I need to share my thoughts and ideas. I have always been a massive booklover and loved reading and writing, but since I started working I lost my path. I had no time or energy to get back to the books.  It took me at least three years to understand that I am not happy and I can’t stay without reading. I realised that my world lost all the colours and everything appeared only black or white. Finally, I managed to improve my time management and not only to get back to study but get back to reading as well. Literature is the queen of art! There as so many extremely talented writers in world and as I am living only once, I have to read those stories. Currently, Friday is my favourite day as I know that once I get home I will light my lovely candles and will jump on reading while sipping my coffee from the biggest mug that I could find. So, in this blog I will share with you my thoughts and any recommendations or film reviews. Also, I have to mention that film is one of my passions and I will be sharing with some of the greatest views.

Please be aware that this my first blog, so feel free to join me on this journey and together we will see where it’s going to take us.

P.S. Today is Friday! I have a book waiting for me at home, so time to hurry up.

That’s it for now and will talk to you very very soon.